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Metal Lux has been manufacturing and selling decorative lighting fixtures for over 40 years.
Immersed in the beauty of the Venetian countryside, our articles come from a deeply rooted lighting tradition that uses only Italian raw materials and prides itself on being for distribution, 100% Made in Italy.
Metal Lux was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of metal components for the lighting industry, and by 1976 it had already started creating its own finished products and compiling its first complete catalog.
With an internal area of ​​7,000 square meters, all production steps take place on site, using the latest generation of machines and technological metal bending, as well as a modern gold electroplating plant, chrome and low-iron finishes; the workshop prepares the metal parts, the electroplating department finishes them, assembles and electrifies them, and then sends the products to the quality control department; after testing, the goods are sent to the packing department, where the preparation of the final product is completed.
Only glass, which is delivered locally, is excluded from the production cycle and assembled last. & lt; br / & gt; We wholeheartedly believe that Metal Lux products are the embodiment of Italian style and creativity, which means that our products are not only delightful, but also high-quality, resulting from consistently innovative production methods and the latest technologies available.
The quality of the final product is guaranteed by the authenticity and professionalism of real craftsmen, the mastery of ancient glass and metal techniques, and meticulous attention to finishes, have allowed Metal Lux to create unique elements, classic lamps that embody the great Italian manufacturing tradition.
The entire process is managed by a quality system that meets European Union standards and respects the craftsmanship at the core of the production cycle.
Our professional channels are certified by the best international institutes: IMQ for Italy, VDE for Germany, UL for the United States.
Since 2012, Metal Lux has been equipped with a 366 kW photovoltaic system, which guarantees almost complete autonomy in terms of energy demand. The photovoltaic system on the roof of its production facilities consists of 1,600 photovoltaic panels and reduces the annual emissions of 220 tons of CO2.
Since 1988, Metal Lux has been a member of ASSOLUCE, the Italian lighting manufacturers association. which aims to bring together all companies that meet specific standards based on values ​​such as quality, safety and fairness towards customers and consumers.
Metal Lux is a partner of Unindustria Padova.

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