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Kaia lighting is a production lighting company that specializes in providing creative solutions for both permanent and temporary lighting needs. In business since 2008, they have established a reputation as pioneers of high production values at events! With a team of the finest industry professionals, they have produced stunning lighting solutions for many leading companies, rock concerts, live shows, theatres, discos and private parties. Primarily located in the UK, but with operations in France and Russia, Kaia Lighting has become one of the most sought-after lighting solution companies around the world.

Kaia Lighting is renowned for offering a comprehensive lighting service, from initial consultation and design to complete production and installation. Their experienced project managers work closely with their clients to develop creative solutions to their lighting needs. Their projects are carefully planned and managed using state-of-the-art production software to ensure each lighting installation is precisely tailored to each client’s needs. Kaia Lighting have an extensive stock of quality fixtures and equipment, and can also source bespoke lighting effects for a truly unique result.

Kaia Lighting provides their services for many different purposes and applications. They are used for corporate events, product launches, festivals and concerts, theatre, television and film sets, conferences, and more. Their award-winning staff bring passion to their work and use their expertise to create a stunning visual display. Kaia Lighting also offers a variety of training courses for professionals in the field of lighting. They provide specialised instruction as well as certifications for hands-on experience to ensure their customers get the best results.

At Kaia Lighting, safety is paramount. They take all the necessary precautions to ensure their clients are safe at all times during their lighting installation. They have an extensive list of safety requirements and provide thorough safety inspections to ensure each project important is on track and within their standards.

Kaia Lighting is the best in the business when it comes to theatrical, production, and event lighting. They combine technical excellence with creative flair to achieve stunning results and create stunning experiences for their clients. They utilise the latest technologies and equipment, and offer a wide variety of services with unparalleled levels of customer service. Throughout the years they have developed a global presence and become one of the leaders in the industry.


How much Kaia RIO does cost?

Products inspired by the Kaia RIO collection are valued at the customer's request. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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