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Crystorama is an American lighting company that has been producing decorative crystal chandeliers and lighting fixtures since 1958. The company specializes in traditional designs such as classics like Venetian and its cutting-edge lighting collections such as Swarovski crystals and Reflections LED crystal styles. Crystorama Lighting has a large selection of chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the home in a variety of styles and finishes. Products include modern and contemporary lighting for contemporary interiors and classic and traditional fixtures for traditional spaces. Each light is designed to bring a statement of beauty and light to the home.

Crystorama Lighting creates pieces with high quality materials and precision craftsmanship. They specialize in hand-cut Swarovski crystals, solid brass and metal finishes, from traditional metals such as bronze and gold to irregularly shaped metals such as hammered nickel and tarnished silver. Not only can Crystorama offer customers these beautiful chandeliers and other light fixtures, it can also provide crystal chandelier accessories and pendant lights that are designed to perfectly complement existing chandeliers and light fixtures.

Crystorama has become a leader in the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures for the interior market of the future. They have built a reputation for providing luxury lighting pieces that are of the highest delicate quality and unique designs. Crystorama pieces are at the heart of the home, a functional but beautiful centerpiece. From grand style chandeliers to mini pendant or wall lamps, Crystorama Lighting adds dimension, style and luxury to the home.

Crystorama Lighting provides its customers with the expertise and quality needed to create elegant and sophisticated designs. From antique million-dollar fixtures to modern and contemporary lines, Crystorama provides customers with an array of crystal, metal and beading selections in many sizes, styles and shapes. These pieces provide the perfect ambiance of vintage elegance and modern sophistication for living rooms, bathrooms, foyers, dining rooms, bedrooms and more.

Crystorama's launching reputation gives customers peace of mind that they are purchasing quality, handcrafted and creative pieces. The company is well known for its impeccable customer service and provides the greatest end-to-end experience when choosing the right lighting pieces for the home. Crystorama strives to make each customer experience unique and offers suggestions on the best ways to light up the home and illuminate areas with absolute grace and style.

Whether homeowners are looking for an ornate and timeless crystal chandelier or a modern and contemporary style pendant lamp or wall sconce, Crystorama Lighting can accommodate individual taste. Crystorama sets the trends for luxury lighting pieces and is the perfect source for those who want to add a touch of luxury and splendor to their home.

Crystorama is a reputable and highly recognizable company that has become a trusted name in the lighting world. Through its products, the company's mission is to bring a touch of luxury to even the most ordinary spaces. From a wide range of unique and beautiful lighting fixtures, Crystorama takes it higher with eye-catching pieces that everyone can appreciate.


How much is Crystorama Truax

Products inspired by the Crystorama Truax collection cost an average of 4350 PLN. There is also the possibility of personalizing these lamps, which may affect their price.

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