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Midj in Italy is a Cordovado, Northeast Italy based company with a long history. Established in 1987, the company continuously strove to produce furniture of the highest quality. Midj, a family business, believes in the power of having the entire creative and production process under one roof. For thirty years, passion and attention have been the key elements that surround each model. Midj not only produces, but thinks, draws and designs every product thanks to the passion and creativity of its team.
The almost maniacal attention that the company pays to its work leads to the creation of innovative and reliable products. If industrial potential and advanced technology are the strength of Midj, then know-how is the soul and that is what really sets the brand apart. Know-how is the heart of the company: thanks to all the projects that ultimately lead to ideas with a craft vocation that is constantly cultivated and improved. Midj has transferred its care of artisanal production to an industrial scale. The result is a well-finished product as if it were handcrafted.

In the Midj collections, we are constantly looking for versatility to create models that are equally suited to the needs of public and private spaces. Objects that can be assigned to the dining room as an office, kitchen as in a restaurant. When creating each collection, we explore all possible variations, offering professionals thousands of ideas for the development of their designs.
Smooth lines and rounded corners are the hallmarks of the Midj models. This is the challenge: to create "soft" models not only from soft materials, but also from hard elements such as metal and plastics.
This is a "soft design": furniture not so much designed to display it, what rather to display them. lives. Midj is a partner of The Italian Concept network and together with Piaval e Montbel it enters the international markets to offer its customers the largest range of products and styles, the quality of which is guaranteed by the development of completely Made in Italy and production.
Midj Integrated Management System is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 to always meet current quality standards. Compliance with environmental regulations is confirmed by ISO 14001: 2015 certification, an international standard obtained by Midj, which engages it and its suppliers in a sustainable approach by increasingly reducing consumption and pollution. Since 2019, Midj has joined the FSC® C145936 circuit of responsible forest management.

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