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Markslöjd Lighting Company is a cutting-edge lighting company based in Sweden. Founded in 1948, Markslöjd designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of innovative and energy-efficient LED luminaires for residential, commercial, and public use. The company has grown to become one of the most renowned lighting companies in the world with its unique style and design that blend perfectly with any setting.

Markslöjd offers its customers a wide range of quality lighting systems that can be customized to meet any lighting requirement. Its products include conventional, decorative, and emergency lighting items, as well as fits for installation in industrial and heavy-duty applications. It also features an attractive selection of table and floor-mounted lamps.

Markslöjd Lighting Company is devoted to energy efficiency, offering energy-saving LEDs as an alternative to incandescent and halogen lighting systems. It provides renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines to its customers to reduce their electricity bills. The company has also embraced illumination control technology, which provides its customers with the opportunity to adjust lighting according to their needs and the time of day.

Markslöjd’s reputation as a leading light-manufacturing company has been further solidified by its corporate responsibility to sustainability, quality construction, and customer service. As a socially-responsible firm, Markslöjd meets all regulatory and safety standards when producing its lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, and other products. With strict quality control in place, Markslöjd offers its customers industry-leading customer service, including warranty and repair services.

Markslöjd Lighting Company is an international leader in the lighting industry. Its innovative products, dedicated customer service, and well-developed environmental commitment have allowed it to build many relationships among leading international brands and customers from all over the world. Over the years, Markslöjd has earned many awards in recognition of its commitment to energy efficiency, product quality, and corporate responsibility.

From a small lighting manufacturer in 1948 to a world-leading and award-winning company, Markslöjd Lighting Company has grown to the heart and soul of Swedish lighting. It provides quality products and exceptional customer service that blend seamlessly with the style and usability of any environment. Innovative, efficient, and sustainable, Markslöjd continues to revolutionize the lighting industry, setting new standards and trends in lighting design worldwide.

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