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Linea Light is a professional Italian lighting company that is recognized worldwide for its innovative and contemporary lighting solutions. Founded in 1983, Linea Light has been using the latest technology to create products that meet the needs of customers in a wide variety of applications. The company offers a range of products, including ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lights and decorative accessories.

Linea Light has always been focused on the development of new lighting design solutions in order to satisfy the evolving needs of the market. The company uses the most modern and advanced technologies to create high quality, while also offering a wide range of options.

Linea Lights range of innovative and contemporary lighting solutions are utilised in residential, commercial and industrial settings in many places all around the world. Its range of products includes, but is not limited to, wall lights for commercial and residential uses, ceiling lights for private, public, or garden settings, as well as floor lamps, spotlights and LED lighting systems.

Linea Light is dedicated to environmental production and responsible consumption practices and utilises LED and certified A-class fluorescent light sources to reduce energy consumption. The company is also passionate about design and encourages cooperation between lighting professionals and interior designers.

Linea Light has a strict quality control system in place and is committed to providing a reliable and timely delivery of their products to any location in the world. The self-driven and independent mindset fuels their focus and the unique challenges of the sectors.

As part of their commitment to the environment, Linea Light is focused on minimising their carbon footprint. They use sustainable and energy-efficient materials, provide energy-conserving lighting solutions, and use recyclable packaging.

Linea Light’s workforce is composed of highly qualified professionals with very specific technical expertise, constantly striving to provide innovative solutions. All the company’s products are designed, manufactured and tested according to the most stringent standards in order to guarantee their high quality.

The fundamental principles of Linea Light are quality, innovation and customer service. By focusing on these core values, the company provides the best lighting solutions available on the market. Linea Light is an exceptional company that continues to create new lighting options that respond to the needs of tomorrow.

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