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LIGMAN's versatile ability to design, manufacture and distribute high-quality lighting fixtures has been established over the years. The company is committed to producing world-class, high-performance and top-quality outdoor and indoor lighting products, and is now recognized for these key advantages not only in local markets but also internationally by lighting professionals.
At LIGMAN, they are created projects out of passion to deliver perfect lighting solutions for people. Not only to illuminate the environment in which they live, but created especially for them; Going beyond typical matrices and making real differences to improve life.
Utilizing the latest advanced modern technology, the highest level of technical knowledge and innovative designs, LIGMAN is committed to providing product quality and offering total lighting solutions to its customers, whereby each lighting element used in their luminaires is carefully thought out and of the highest quality. Also offering the latest in intelligent lighting control and IOT technology, unique product customization and extensive project design support, including groundbreaking project visualization services.
LIGMAN is constantly striving to research, compare, develop and manufacture high-quality, environmentally friendly, energy-saving lighting products in order to best benefit consumers.
At the same time, we attach great importance to the professional development of all our personal; instilling good business ethics, work practices and standards in the workplace. We are also constantly improving the processes and managerial skills within the global organization to remain avant-garde and competitive in the international market.
By doing all of this, we want to become a key member of the constantly evolving and globally aware lighting community and strive to be your leading a partner for the future in the field of lighting design; provide the best possible customer service through a high-quality lighting system, innovative product design and the use of the best possible materials and components.
LIGMAN is constantly expanding its global presence and is ready to provide its customers with excellent service and cooperation to provide better lighting solutions for everyone Your projects.
Today LIGMAN with 5 factories and over 300 representatives worldwide is your global, flexible and competitive partner for lighting solutions.

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