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Lasvit is an international lighting company based in the Czech Republic. Established in 2007, they specialize in custom designed and handcrafted lighting works, art glass sculptures and installations. Their designs range from minimalist and contemporary to spectacular, daring and extraordinary. From their showroom in Prague, they have established themselves as one of the leading and most sought-after luxury lighting brands in the world.

Lasvit brings beauty and emotion to light with their magnificent artworks. Utilizing traditional craftsmanship as well as high-end design and technological know-how, Lasvit works with some of the most renowned architects, artists and fashion designers to create unique lighting pieces for commercial, residential and even large-scale projects.

Lasvit’s designs are inspired by the Czech culture, the beauty of glass and the inherited traditional skills of glass artisans. Their lighting collections feature breathtaking handmade art pieces illuminated by metal, glass, stone and marble. They also specialize in offering customized lighting solutions to suit specific needs and requirements.

Lasvit’s dedication and excellence to their craft is reflected in every single piece they produce. Their goal is to develop, produce and deliver extraordinary pieces that combine modern technology with exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity. They have won numerous international awards, including Red Dot and European Product Design Award.

Lasvit’s commitment to the environment by using eco-friendly materials and production processes, has been recognized by the German Solar Innovation Award for “Svetila”, a collection of light fixtures powered by an integrated solar system. Lasvit is also one of the few founding members of Prague’s GreenCircle Project, a scheme devoted to reducing waste in the lighting industry.

Lasvit’s projects span over 40 countries, and they collaborate with some of the world’s most prestigious companies and institutions. From Trafalgar Square in London to the Louis Vuitton stores in Paris, Lasvit’s works can be seen throughout the world. Their pieces have also been seen in world-renowned hotels, exclusive residences, award-winning projects, theatrical sets and some of the most magnificent cathedrals in Europe.

Lasvit’s focus on creating edgy yet elegant and extraordinary designs, along with their commitment to the environment, makes them one of the world’s leading lighting companies. They continue to demonstrate excellence and innovation in each and every one of their projects, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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