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Kevin Reilly Collection is a lighting company based in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to the art of lighting design. Founded in 2002, the company saw an opportunity to bring the worldwide success of Hollywood-style lighting to Canada and abroad by creating modern, breathtaking lighting solutions for commercial and residential use.

The Kevin Reilly Collection offers both custom designs and a wide selection of ready-made lighting. The company believes that every space is unique and deserves to be lit with great care and attention to detail. With this in mind, their team of lighting designers and engineers develop even the most complex designs with a professional eye and artistic touch.

Their philosophy on lighting reflects the artistic quality they strive to create with each project. Kevin Reilly Collection lighting solutions combine functionality, form and aesthetics. They use positive and negative spaces to enhance the dynamics of the environment and create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere. In addition, their products feature cutting-edge technologies such as LED lights and low-voltage lamps.

The company strives to provide homeowners, designers and business owners with the highest quality lighting solutions. All lighting solutions are designed to last for years, are energy efficient and feature the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship.

In the few years since its founding, Kevin Reilly Collection has established itself as a leader in the lighting industry. In addition to providing outstanding lighting solutions, the company also offers a range of services such as lighting consultation, product support and installation. For those who want to create a unique and memorable lighting atmosphere, Kevin Reilly Collection is the ideal lighting partner.

Kevin Reilly Collection is an ever-growing lighting company whose core mission is to create functional and aesthetically beautiful lighting solutions that bring out the best in any space. With a hardworking team and a commitment to excellence, the company remains a trusted partner in the lighting industry.

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