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The Karman Bag lighting collection is a line of contemporary pendant and table lamps that combine modern design with bright illumination. Combining natural and industrial materials, the Karman Bag collection features a unique bag-shaped body in several sizes and colors suitable for any modern home.

Karman Bag's metallic accents enhance its futuristic design and allow the lamp to reflect ambient light. Its unique shade adds personality to any room's décor and shines evenly with downward-facing light sources. The sturdy construction ensures that the Karman Bag will remain a part of your space for years to come.

The Karman Bag lamp is available in a variety of finishes, including brushed gold, brushed copper, brushed nickel and black. Each model has an adjustable cord length and a range of bulbs, from halogen to LED. The available wattages provide a wide range of brightness, from a warm glow to brighter, more sophisticated lighting.

The Karman Bag lighting collection is designed for a variety of purposes, from task and accent lighting to ambient and background lighting. Whether as a pendant lamp over a kitchen sink or on a bedside table, Karman Bag can illuminate your space with atmospheric charm and industrial chic.

The Karman Bag collection of pendant and table lamps is the perfect choice for any modern home. The unique shade, adjustable cord length and wide range of finishes make Karman Bag a great addition to any space. Whether you're looking for task lighting or ambient lighting, Karman Bag will meet your needs.

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