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In 1979 Il Fanale was founded in a small workshop near Treviso. The founders, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa, combine a passion for lighting with craftsmanship, with the mission of producing lamps of the highest quality. The choice to use precious materials such as brass, copper and glass creates a traditional style that, together with a specific oxidation process - whose formula is still passed down in the family - gives it a unique and inimitable appearance. The industry was quickly appreciated, first in Italy and then abroad, where the craftsmanship value, as an expression of Made in Italy, gained prestige. Today, IL FANAL is sold in more than 40 countries around the world.
The increase in trade allows for growth in the field of business and creativity, entrusted to the children of Marzia and Tomas, respectively. New lines with a more contemporary soul are introduced, reflecting international trends and market needs, and collaboration with emerging designers begins. This evolution of the brand has led to the creation of Torremato, a creative platform for designers' research and innovation. With Torremato, the company won the prestigious Compasso d'Oro in 2014, reaffirming itself as one of the most charismatic brands in the lighting industry.

Il Fanale Collections Not one style but five to bring you closer to your world, whatever this is. The "Country" represents our roots with decorations reminiscent of the past but definitely up-to-date. "Industrial" uses essential lines, dark and shaded tones. The distressed look is the main feature of this big-city and dynamic style.
Our vision of "modern" style translates into clean lines where the aesthetic aspect is never separated from the functional component.
"New Decò" is a reinterpretation of the hallmarks of the rich style born in America in the 1920s. Noble materials, such as brass combined with glass, add charm and prestige to the interior.
For those most sensitive to experiments and innovations is the "Torremato" line, which allows designers to freely express their concept of light. Torremato is a new creative path in the world of Il Fanale. "Light Has Come True" is the motto that drives the development of "custom" concepts to make designers' dreams come true. Torremato is a creative platform, a lab of ideas where experimental designs come to life and become iconic Il Fanale products after industrialization. In 2014, Torremato gained worldwide recognition, winning the coveted international Compasso d'Oro award for one of Bitta's most iconic products.
We love to express our design concept as a balance between elements resulting from endless creativity. Light, shape, function and technologies are shaped at various stages of creation: an idea born in the head of a designer becomes a drawing, and then, thanks to our technical department, a design. In the final stage, our artisans process the material and create a product.
We are always looking for designers who love to play with light, discover and engage, taking care of a well-defined brand identity where the design should not change the soul of the craftsmanship but add value to the handmade product and raw material.

The value of Il Fanale's craftsmanship. Our lamps are "ART AND LIGHT" works that illuminate your home, social and professional life. We use hands, head and heart more than machines. This gives our products a unique character, just like the masterpieces created by our artisans. The production, completely Italian, combines ancient techniques with modern technologies to offer timeless products with high design content. Each element represents our willingness to help write the history of our own space with the help of light.
The family concept is at the heart of today's company, which represents Italian "know-how" in the world. People with the same ideals as a passion for work, for quality and for territory made the brand successful by distinguishing it from the mass offer. Our philosophy puts people and quality over numbers. Everyone who works for Il Fanale today knows that they are part of a story that began more than 40 years ago and is passed on every day through products that go into people's homes and lives.

Il Fanale Materials the most representative tradition for the production of our lamps: brass, copper, iron. Murano glass and Bassano ceramics also represent the highest excellence of the local area as well as Made in Italy. All metals undergo a rapid oxidation process which gives them a characteristic polishing effect. It is a unique process, completely handcrafted and passed down in the family. The treated metals achieve what we call "antiqued", the distinctive feature of the brand today.
"Tailor-made" is a common concept that means much more to us. Il Fanale treats personalization of products as an essential part of its activities and devotes special resources to it. We offer tailor-made solutions for every environment, in the retail and contract sectors, whether it's a large project or a single piece for your home. Our goal is to support you in creating a product conceived as in a tailor's workshop thanks to forty years of experience, the flexibility of our structure and the international network of professionals with whom we cooperate.

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