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Hobby Flower de España SA has been manufacturing and selling hydraulic planters equipped with an exclusive self-watering system since 1974, which faithfully recreates the natural environment of plants and facilitates their care.

The meticulous design of our products, their durability and a wide range The finishes and sizes have brought Hobby Flower industry recognition.

Following our green spirit, we have managed to position ourselves as a clear alternative to a diverse and superior product. Based on our ecological vocation and our social commitment, we invite you to take the next step with us: new materials, textures, colors, feelings ...

Patented Hobby Flower system

Fill the tank only 4 times a year and surface water every 4-5 weeks. The result?

Excellent plants with minimal maintenance. Thanks to our two tubes for hydroplanters, we have a constant mini-air circulation that facilitates the oxygenation of the water, recreating the deepest roots recreating nature. This means that the soil never dries out or compacts, and the cycle is never interrupted, so the plants planted in our hydroplanters live longer and better.

Fresh air, fresh plants
< / br> Imagine breathing fresh air from your office chair? In Hobby Flower, after learning Kamala Meattle, we will help you create clean air in buildings. Mystery? There are 3 popular houseplants namely pothos, areca and sansevieria that we can use to create the fresh air we need as they act as filters and purify the air effectively.

Orchid System: Watering an orchid is very easy

Adel and Lina are models designed especially for a unique and delicate houseplant: orchids. Thanks to the openings in the inner pot, the remaining drops provide the irrigation and moisture that orchid roots need for a perfect life. Adel and Lina introduce innovations and design to recreate the natural environment of this fascinating plant.

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