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Helland Furniture Company is a family-owned company that has been bringing style, elegance and quality to the world since 1985. They specialize in modern and contemporary handcrafted furniture that reflects natural influences, as well as custom designs.

The owners, Anders and Karen Helland, are dedicated to creating furniture that is designed to last and is environmentally friendly. Using the finest solid woods, superior carpentry techniques, sustainable wood sources and imported hardwoods, Helland Furniture Company creates furniture with optimal durability and character.

With many bold and interesting designs, Helland offers seating styles for the dining room, living room, office, bedroom and outdoor space. Traditional designs in traditional styles and materials are also offered. The products are distinctive, individualized and uniquely sophisticated.

Helland Furniture Company offers excellent customer service that exceeds customer expectations and treats each customer like family. They pride themselves on providing superior craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail as they strive to deliver unique and timeless pieces.

Helland Furniture Company has also expanded its repertoire to include bedroom, nursery, home office and outdoor furniture. Always at the forefront of innovation, Helland has become a leader in staying ahead of modern trends while delivering timeless, elegant styles that are the company's signature.

Through the use of advanced technology, the Helland team is able to use CAD designs to aid in the design process, allowing customers to see a 3D rendering of their custom piece before it is built. With a variety of finishes such as wax, natural stain and lacquer, each customer is sure to find a piece that will stand the test of time and fit their individual style.

Helland Furniture Company takes environmental sustainability seriously, choosing materials and finishes that are certified and made from renewable resources. They also recycle materials whenever possible and use sustainable practices throughout their production.

Helland Furniture Company is dedicated to upholding its commitment to creating superior, long-lasting furniture that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful for future generations. With superior quality, outstanding customer service and a commitment to excellence, Helland Furniture Company is preferred by many.

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