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Grohe has been offering luxury fittings for designer bathrooms and kitchens for over seventy years. It is a leading global supplier of sanitary fittings and focuses on quality, technology, design and sustainable development. Thanks to their typically German innovative technology, Grohe products are known for their "Made in Germany" quality. The offered assortment includes designer sink and kitchen fittings as well as taps, columns and shower heads, flushing systems and accessories. Grohe has won over 240 design and innovation awards in recent years and has been voted one of the "most sustainable large German companies" several times, confirming its success. All Grohe production plants use the most modern technology in accordance with the highest standards. In this way, the company ensures that its products meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. The design for Grohe is a combination of aesthetics and quality

thus each product can express the perfect synthesis of form and function. The company strives to be a benchmark in the bathroom and kitchen products industry on a daily basis. Grohe is also characterized by the exceptional quality of its products. Before leaving the company, each element undergoes numerous rigorous durability tests. Exceeding internal and international quality standards during the testing process pays off with flawless results

In addition, the company guarantees the availability of spare parts for the next ten years.

Grohe: design and quality in sanitary fittings From fittings and shower systems to toilets with bidet function and ceramics, Grohe creates designer bathroom products that adapt to every need and style. The company provides frames for the installation of sanitary fittings, flushing systems, flow meters and toilet flush plates, which simplify the design and construction of exclusive bathrooms. Grohe bathroom fittings are a combination of design, high-quality materials and the latest technologies. Each line offers a wide range of different solutions tailored to modern bathroom ceramics and the preferences of each client. The Grohe Atrio line stands for elegance and precision. The atrium takes inspiration from the circle, the most elemental and elegant form, to create iconic objects that are also designed to last over time. Sophisticated aesthetics is essential, eliminating everything superfluous.

Grohe bathroom faucet collections offer a variety of designs for every need: from the minimalism of the Lineare faucet, characterized by elegant and refined aesthetics and the necessary geometries, to the modern and minimalist Atrio Icon 3D, square Eurocube design, available in various sizes. With Grohe you can also create your own perfect shower, thanks to various styles, shapes and sizes (large or extra large), built-in or outdoor, to offer your customers a multi-sensory product that turns the bathroom into a place for relaxation, physical and mental well-being.

Grohe kitchen faucets in a variety of styles and functions Grohe offers kitchen faucets and water treatment systems for every request and needs of its customers. Among Grohe's kitchen faucet solutions, the K7 range offers a wide range of professional products with an attractive style to meet your every need. In the Zedra line we find Zedra Touch with a swivel spout and a perfectly contoured body, ergonomic design and aesthetic elegance

the addition of EasyTouch technology allows you to control the flow of water with a simple touch of the hand. The Eurocube collection is square shapes and bold lines, the perfect choice to enhance the décor of a modern kitchen

This faucet with professional-level features is designed for those seeking design without sacrificing performance.

Fittings Grohe harmonizes perfectly with quality, technology and design. Using the best materials and the latest industry-leading technologies, they guarantee years of reliable operation. Kitchen faucets combine state-of-the-art design and sophisticated style with a host of unique features. With Grohe you can choose the best combination for your needs. Designed to delight in the kitchen, Grohe Blue® solutions deliver fresh, filtered, natural, slightly sparkling or sparkling water straight from the tap, while Grohe Red ™ solutions deliver boiling water straight from the tap in no time.
E-commerce Grohe: faucets and shower columns for sale at In the Shop you can buy more than 800 Grohe items, including thermostatic mixers, shower columns and headphones, bath, sink and kitchen faucets and bathroom accessories.

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