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Our thirst for curiosity often makes us wonder who is behind the name of the company, product or photo. We all have a story to tell, but now let's focus on this one.
1959. In the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, in Amandola, a small town in Marche, a young couple opened their first chandelier shop.
It was more of a workshop. than the shop, as it was called then, and it was here that Basilio and Giuseppina decided to revive their business idea.
The project was taking shape slowly, thanks to a passion that was changing more and more in trade every day without losing enthusiasm. Basilio was an iron craftsman, he learned his profession very well, drawing inspiration from his travels in Italy. Giuseppina, however, traded in blood.
Over time, the crafts of the bride and groom changed from simple artisans to true artisans of light. The passion for work moves so much that even their children, who have continued their work since 1985.x
In 1986, due to their entrepreneurial success, the couple decide to dream bigger and build a production plant by investing in machines for the workshop and paint shop.
The sales team grows and the enthusiasm of the production staff grows, engaging a small but active community in its project of making luminous creations famous.
And so he was born.
Today, Gibas exports all over Europe, looking for foreign markets and becoming a spokesman for "Made in Italy" in the world.
Since 2016, the third generation has led the company with the same enthusiasm and creativity of Basilia and Giuseppina. Their passion prompts them to study various aspects of light and its immateriality, transform it into sophisticated shapes and use modern technologies. For over 55 years, Gibas has been telling people his vision of light day after day.

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