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We are a design and production company that produces furniture and bathroom accessories that bring beauty to your homes and comfort in your life. We are an active part of the history and success of Italian design, and at the same time we are promoters of the architects and designers we seek and choose internationally. We study the shapes and details of objects in your homes and are present in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art "MOMA" in New York, with the famous "Cucciolo" toilet brush holder Makio Hasuike. We are passionate innovators, we are always looking for beautiful solutions to experience and see. We have a deep respect for the environment, for the people who work with us and for our clients who have allowed us to develop and become the leaders of modern bathroom furniture. We are a classic example of a modern company capable of global expansion by choosing to design offices, warehouses and factories in the most fertile places of ideas, knowledge, skills and technology. We are the G that provides a lifestyle. In a word, we are Gedy.

Our mission - How to decorate a bathroom with style We believe in the value of beauty and throughout our lives we have worked with passion and care so that it can come to all homes to contribute to the improvement of people's everyday lives . We want to combine appearance and practicality, because our mission is to create specific, innovative, functional and durable solutions for modern bathroom furniture. Behind every object that we sign with our name, there is always a huge amount of research into ideas, content, materials and forms. These aspects, when fully examined, allow us to design and implement solutions for bathroom equipment and accessories that meet real needs, going beyond the lifestyle or aesthetic taste of each family. These everyday needs are the stimulus, the main point and the driving force behind what we design. We see our work as a fantastic responsibility that requires us to be extremely committed to making the quality of what we achieve accessible, democratic and accessible to an increasing number of people. Gedy not only produces furniture that decorates a room: Gedy creates solutions that decorate life.

History Established in 1953, GEDY has represented the world of bathrooms for over 60 years. Our company has come a long way from the first collections made of plastics, which established themselves on the market, and then set trends in products designed with colors. There have been many changes in recent years that have transformed GEDY into a symbol of design and a benchmark for those who are looking for reliable and affordable products in various materials for everyday life. WHEN it has always stood out in terms of design. Looking proudly at our past, today we turn to our future. We are in constant motion.

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