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Gabriel Scott is a furniture and lighting brand founded in Montreal in 2012 by Canadian architects Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler. Using local expertise, the brand designs, develops and manufactures each collection on an area of 3,000 square meters in Montreal's pioneering apparel neighborhood, where architects, designers and engineers work with a team of craftsmen to assemble the furniture by hand. Gabriel Scott's furniture and lighting combine architectural and jewelery design, especially in chandelier collections, often made of metals with warm colors, but also of steel, wood and blown glass. Gabriel Scott's fittings and accessories are on sale at their flagship store at Brewster Carriage House in downtown Manhattan, at the London showroom in Mayfair, and at a global chain of luxury lighting and furniture stores.

Gabriel Scott fittings - modular jewelery Welles - the company's most famous line that has given the brand its international reputation - was launched in early 2013. It was recognized for its ability to demonstrate the infinite potential of a modular system that has since been integrated into all of Gabriel Scott's products. lines, so customers can customize any device without interfering with production time or costs. Modularity is the basis of the Luna series, a system consisting of blown glass blocks in many colors and shapes, resembling pearls on a string. The Luna series quickly became a bestseller and was further expanded with the new Luna-A and Luna Kaleido collections. The latter is a modular, configurable series of two stackable glass fixtures, a horizontal chandelier and a vertical pendant whose blown glass beads can be "tied" together in any order to create a specially designed luminous gem. The collection is inspired by a kaleidoscope derived from the Greek words kalos (beautiful), eidos (form) and skopeo (to look). Like a kaleidoscope, glass shapes offer endless possibilities for interpreting tone, form and refracted light. Once arranged, the lights become a glass mosaic of various colors and patterns. The jewel-inspired Briolette hanging light is made using the signature double-blowing glass process. Designed with a wide variety of contexts in mind, Briolette resembles a family of jewels suspended from the ceiling. Myriad introduces a feminine silhouette to the brand's lighting collection. Complicated lines support the frames made of blown glass, gently shaping them horizontally and vertically. In 2018, Gabriel Scott's lamps were stars on FuoriSalone with a Myriad version based on Negroni Sbagliato installed in the Bar Basso. This famous drink was born in a Milan establishment, and its reddish tones can be found in the color of blown glass and satin copper finishes.

Gabriel Scott's furnitureMany of Gabriel Scott's furniture echoes iconic designers such as Buckminster Fuller and Gio Ponti they mix materials and harmonize classic with modernity. This approach is reflected in furniture such as sofas, armchairs and the Boudoir chaise longue, a contemporary reinterpretation of classic seats that play with rounded metal lines and layered effects. Vegan leather covers a soft tone-on-tone fabric pillow on top of a curved metal shell with brass decorations, combining solidity and softness. A care for the past also guides the design of Bardot tables, chairs and stools, inspired by the French icon of style and elegance, as well as Dean tables and tables with their obvious mid-century proposals.

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