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Flamant is a European furniture company that has been producing stylish and classic furniture since 1966. They specialize in classic wood furniture, as well as furniture with a modern twist. Their high quality pieces are crafted with a focus on attention to detail, which allows them to stand out from other furniture companies. Their pieces are essential for any living space, from classic to modern and from traditional to contemporary.

Flamant produces furniture from high-quality, solid hardwood, combined with other materials such as metal, glass, or stone. The hardwood is sourced from the best, sustainable sources and only uses European-grown hardwoods. The traditional structure and construction ensures the durability of the pieces. Their pieces are designed to last a lifetime and are made with a passion for craftsmanship and love of furniture.

Flamant's focus on style also sets them apart from other furniture companies. They use a variety of colors and finishes, which helps create a unique, personal touch to each piece of furniture. Every piece is unique and has its own character, adding a unique touch to any room.

The furniture is also known for its durability. The average life of each piece is over ten years, so you can be sure that your furniture will withstand everyday wear and tear. Their pieces are easy to clean and maintain, so you will never have to worry about it.

Flamant also prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to creating pieces that not only look beautiful but are also comfortable and functional. They understand the importance of creating pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Since 1966, Flamant has provided customers with high-quality furniture that can stand the test of time. With its classic style, timeless design, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Flamant has become an iconic name in the furniture industry. From classic to modern, their pieces bring a classic elegance to any living space.

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