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Faneurope is a lighting company with a long and distinguished history in designing and manufacturing architectural and decorative lighting for commercial, residential and hospitality projects. Founded in 1979, it is one of Europe's leading suppliers of interior and exterior lighting solutions. The company's commitment to excellence and innovation has allowed it to build an international reputation and stay ahead of trends in design and technology.

Faneurope offers a wide range of products and provides lighting solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Its product range includes ceiling, wall, spot, recessed and outdoor lighting, as well as decorative and ornamental lamps. It also offers a range of accessories and light controls, such as dimmers, RGB controllers and occupancy sensors.

3.Faneurope's lighting designs feature sleek and contemporary aesthetics and functional performance. They source reliable and high-quality materials to provide customers with products that meet their requirements, demands and exceed their expectations. Their lights are made with care and dedication to ensure that lighting is always of the highest standard.

Faneurope has an experienced team that is dedicated to providing customers with the best lighting solutions for their projects. They strive to create products that meet the highest standards and can be customized to meet specific needs and preferences. They use innovative technology and the latest industry trends to stay ahead of the competition and remain a leader in the lighting industry.

Faneurope is committed to sustainability and believes in providing efficient lighting solutions that do not compromise on style. Their products show their commitment to making the world a more sustainable place. All products are manufactured in accordance with strict environmental regulations and are certified safe for use in any space.

Faneurope provides high-quality, sustainable lighting solutions to customers around the world. They provide their customers with full support throughout the design and installation process, from concept to completion. They also offer technical support and after-sales service for their products.

Faneurope is known for their customer service and commitment to meeting the specific needs of their customers. They make sure that all their products are easy to install and use, and provide in-depth information and troubleshooting advice if any problems arise.

The company has earned an excellent reputation for its innovative designs, exceptional products and reliable customer service. It has been recognized with numerous awards and is now one of the most trusted and respected lighting companies in Europe.

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