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Diesel With Foscarini is an iconic lighting company providing modern and stylish lighting designs that stand out from the crowd. They are a versatile and award-winning manufacturer based in Italy, making them one of the leading names in the lighting industry. Diesel With Foscarini’s lighting fixtures are both versatile and stylish and feature contemporary design with a original and often unique style that is sure to make any space stand out.

Diesel With Foscarini is a big seller in design circles, and caters to designers, architects, and interior designers who may be looking for something special for their project. The company has multiple collections that each feature different shapes, sizes and finishes, but all of the lights are of a high quality and meet rigorous standards for lighting. From retro inspired designs, to sleek and minimalist, Diesel With Foscarini always has something to offer in regards to quality and design.

Diesel With Foscarini specializes in making unique, modern lighting systems that are both stylish and functional. Their products range from floor lamps and wall sconces, to pendant and ceiling lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps and more. Regardless of the type of lighting you need, Diesel With Foscarini can provide an option that is perfect for your design.

The company is known for its commitment to not only providing stylish lighting options but also helping to create energy efficient options for their customers. This commitment to energy efficiency has gained the company recognition from various organizations, and they have even earned a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, indicating that the company is a leader in creating sustainable and energy efficient lighting.

Diesel With Foscarini’s lighting designs have been featured in many prominent magazines, television shows, and movies. The company has also collaborated with renowned fashion designer Diesel on many of their lighting designs, which have further increased the company’s visibility.

No matter the need, Diesel With Foscarini can provide an option that is perfect for any environment and will bring the desired look to any space. With exceptional quality, sustainable lighting practices, and a commitment to design, the company is a leader in the lighting industry.

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