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Linear lighting

Appropriate lighting allows you to emphasize the volume and recesses of the surface, create an evocative atmosphere and set rhythm to walls and facades by alternating light and shade. If you are looking for surprising and original lighting effects, linear profiles are perfect for creating environments where the main character is light construction. Linear lighting will help you create fascinating contexts where light intersections intersect and define a space, both inside and out. Light profiles allow the lighting to overcome obstacles that used to be associated with specific installation techniques, bringing light anywhere. Used for delineating rooms, letting light into corridors, creating a special atmosphere with soft light coming from ceilings and handrails, or for identifying stairs, steps, mezzanines with walking profiles: lighting profiles can create real lighting installations.

< h2> Enrich rooms with a linear lighting profile

Linear lighting profiles for LED modules are the most innovative technique of enriching rooms with light due to their durability and durability. LED strips can be placed in profiles made of various materials. Metal is certainly the most suitable: aluminum profiles allow adequate heat dissipation, preventing overheating. In any case, there are very versatile solutions and types of lighting profiles on the market that can be adapted to any type of space and meet any need. Therefore, due to their visual and practical features, metal linear lighting profiles are ideal for modern environments where principle and minimalism prevail. If you want to create a dynamic light atmosphere, you can opt for linear lighting profiles with an RGB system that will create light with different shades and a pleasant climax. In fact, RGB LEDs, by mixing different intensities of red, green and blue colors, will enable immersive lighting effects in environments, whether they are linear indoor or outdoor lighting. The use of a linear profile for outdoor applications has also become common. It's not uncommon to come across real lighting fixtures while walking around cities, here linear lighting is often used to improve buildings by giving them new life through non-invasive interventions.

Where to install lighting profiles

Lighting with linear lighting effects helps to give personality to the space, and the range of designer linear lighting profiles is really wide: you can choose between corner, recessed and semi-recessed profiles, wall, ceiling and floor profiles. Recessed profiles are an interesting solution for non-invasive treatments and are practically invisible when not illuminated. Plaster profiles are particularly effective, the material of which allows for complete camouflage of the interior of the plasterboard. For modern and particularly effective effects in which light is integrated into surfaces, partially recessed linear lighting profiles are increasingly in demand. A wide area of ​​application of LED profiles is the lighting of furniture and drawers, which in an extremely functional way allows you to immediately find what you are looking for. Angular and customizable LED profiles will be perfect for lighting not only the interior, but also the exterior of the furniture, and will give the furniture a decorative and practical character. Wall lighting profiles are also very original, useful for chasing the handrails of large staircases or the perimeter of the room with a beam of light and simultaneous lighting in two directions. The floor profiles therefore have a great aesthetic impact: they can be walked on, they guarantee stunning effects, creating an effect of suspension in illuminated objects. Additionally, the stair profiles can be inserted horizontally or vertically on the stairs, both inwards and outwards and are a very practical trick as they guarantee excellent visibility - especially at night.

Diffused light and accent light: profiles in the lighting design

The lighting of the surrounding environment, after careful design, allows for extremely effective and functional effects, and also represents a stylistically attractive layout. It is important to know where to place the lighting points in a space and what type of lighting is best suited for each room. There are three basic types of lighting, each with a different function: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and work lighting. Lighting profiles can be an excellent solution if the first two of these approaches are used. For ambient lighting, artificial light and natural light are usually combined: if you're designing a work or contract environment, you need to know that the light must follow standard guidelines designed to illuminate effectively. In this case, linear ceiling lighting profiles, running along the upper space, allow direct light to diffuse throughout the room. The use of modular led profiles can also allow you to reach every corner of the environment, even the most hidden. General lighting provides the background for the entire room and must communicate harmoniously with accent lighting. The purpose of the latter type of lighting is to highlight specific elements of a space, be it objects or architectural elements. For this, the recommended choice is linear lighting profiles for headlamps. They allow you to adjust the direction and, if equipped with dimmers, the intensity of the accent light beam. This type of lighting is often used in museum spaces where intervention is needed, combining minimalism with full functionality. A certain awareness in lighting design not only ensures visual comfort, but also ensures that the environment is complete in every detail. In this way, light becomes a real means of expression with which you can communicate space.

Pieces of light that pass through space

Lighting strips are discreetly designed solutions that complement the and illuminate. They are used in the contract industry and in the residential sector mainly to illuminate common areas, e.g. to me. ceiling, suspended ceiling and baseboards. Mounting profiles for lighting or illumination of a suspended ceiling or skirting board are an important alternative to classic lighting technology. By paying attention to the details of strategic lighting points in the rooms, diffused lighting should also be adjusted, using indirect light emitted by the light strips and reflected from the ceiling, to obtain an aesthetic and efficient effect at the same time. The use of lighting profiles for ceilings and suspended ceilings is very effective in terms of visual comfort and will make the rooms pleasant to live in. At the same time, dimming the light intensity will allow you to manage mood lighting, dimmable lighting profiles will help us freely adjust the level of general lighting in the room, switching from soft general light to an intimate and relaxing atmosphere to a more intense one for operating spaces. In general, the possibility of such a flexible assembly of lighting profiles allows you to create light beams that, like graphic signs, design the space and give the final effect an original character. The lights that run from the ground, through the floors, through the walls, until they illuminate and enhance the ceiling, guarantee the success of a project with a modern, convivial and certainly original design.

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