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Italian design excellence: Ceramica Flaminia specializes in the production of ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom faucets and furniture. A Made in Italy reality that bases its strength on the constant search for innovative stylistic solutions, but does not forget about its craft dimension. From this constant blend of the past and the future, products appreciated by the markets are born, aimed at enriching the home, professional and open environment.
Washbasins, faucets, sanitary ceramics: the world of Ceramica FlaminiaCeramica Flaminia continues to prove its importance in the field of bathroom furniture design. We achieve this goal through the production of models valued on the markets and recognized for quality. The first great successes of the activity date back to the 1970s: during this period, the first decorative series, such as the Florale collection, are proposed. However, it is the arrival of the 1990s that marks the company's definitive dedication to the domestic scene. Thanks to the Acquagrande Ceramica collection, Flaminia gains prestige and fame. The range dating back to 1997 is the work of Giulio Cappellini and Roberto Palomba and is characterized by the use of ceramics and the proposition of square, support or recess structures. Acquagrande sinks surprise with their high dimensions, minimalist lines and geometric rigor. Their high flexibility also allows the addition of towel rails.
The Twin washbasin collection is another great commercial success of Ceramica Flaminia. The creations of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba do not reveal the company's first love of ceramics, but offer a different approach than in the past. The washbasins have a soft cylindrical shape and are available in various types, built-in or semi-built-in. These models are accompanied by supporting, suspended or corner versions. Likewise, the Link series is one of the most successful episodes of Italian activity. A line of toilets and bidets designed by Giulio Cappellini and Roberto Palomba that plays with colors, shapes and supporting structures. This line includes bidets and suspended sanitary fittings with a unique, yet flexible design that allows them to be placed in different contexts.
Ceramica Flaminia and love for the environment The arrival of the new millennium, for Ceramica Flaminia, marked the beginning of further work with designers Italian and foreign. Alessandro Mendini, Paola Navone, Studio Nendo and Jasper Morrison strengthen the company's tradition by offering high-quality washbasins, faucets and bathroom furniture. Morrison himself is the protagonist of the Bonola collection, which includes modern ceramic toilets, washbasins and bidets. If ceramics is the common denominator of the company's collection, then another pillar on which the company's operations are based is love for the environment. The brand's processes are sustainable and use water purification systems, recycling of packaging materials and recovery of gypsum molds. Love for the environment confirms the strong sense of social responsibility that has been guiding Ceramica Flaminia from the very beginning. The company has repeatedly been involved in charitable activities, such as donations of medical equipment, sanitation and equipment. Social responsibility also spreads culture, which is why the company sponsors artistic events and promotes the publication of books devoted to the Tuscia area and more.
Bathroom furniture since 1954: the history of Ceramica Flaminia The history of Ceramica Flaminia is inextricably linked with the history of Italian society. The very birth of the company is associated with a socially important episode, the strikes of the Civita Castellana ceramics companies in 1954. In this context, some of the young people who joined the protest decided to set up their own business: hence Ceramica Flaminia, a company was born that deviated from its artisanal roots, but recorded an increase in production and turnover within 30 years. This success is due to the shift from traditional 1950s production techniques to industrial processes. The arrival of the 60s and 70s means a sharp increase in bathroom furniture purchases by the general public, and Ceramica Flaminia is an absolute hero of this period. The use of tunnel kilns improves production efficiency and machining becomes more and more sophisticated. Over the years, the brand strengthens its image until the opening of new plants. Today, Ceramica Flaminia can count on three production laboratories in which all production processes are carried out. Growing attention to international markets does not change the nature of the company that can interpret social changes while remaining faithful to its principles.

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