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Ceramica Cielo is an Italian company based in Viterbo that designs and sells bathroom faucets, bathtubs, showers and bathroom furniture, offering innovative solutions with a sophisticated design. Born out of the intuition of Alessio Coramusi, heir to the family of master potters, from the very beginning its goal was to create hand-made ceramic collections with a recognizable design, increasing the value of the raw material. After the first washbasin collections, Ceramica Cielo's production focused on creations with an original, contemporary design. Collaboration with prominent designers marks the company's transition from an artisanal and local to an international dimension, on a path full of success in terms of marketing and criticism. Thanks to a leap in quality and adherence to Made in Italy values, the catalog is rich in award-winning products that are now considered true icons.

An additional hallmark of the company is the Le Terre del Cielo color palette, which has been refined after years of research. This color palette includes unique shades and shades and can be applied to your entire bathroom décor, enhancing the value of the ceramic element and helping to create personalized elements suitable for both personal and professional use. The Le Terre di Cielo color lines have received numerous awards, such as the Muuz International Award 2014 and the German Design Award 2015. The bathroom has relinquished its purely practical function to become a room in a home with its own style and design.

Bathroom furniture according to the Ceramica CieloCeramica Cielo stylistic research leads to the creation of furniture that refresh and reinterpret the classic aesthetics. However, sometimes creativity is released. This is the case, for example, with the free-standing Catino Tondo and Catino Doppio washbasins from the 2017 Red Dot Award winners Andrea Pariso and Giuseppe Pezzano. Available in brushed bronze and stainless steel, the load-bearing structure of these elements blends harmoniously with the ceramic and marble tops. The versatility of the Ceramica Cielo collection was again demonstrated in Karim Rashid's Enjoy 120 collection, which received the Good Design Award in 2016. A ceramic structure that can be completely customized to your liking, and minimalist lines are a hallmark that does not detract from its ease of use and portability. The free-standing Tiberino washbasin, winner of the German Design Award 2016, is characterized by a free-standing structure and a cylindrical shape, designed to minimize the occupied space. The combination of wood and ceramics is perfectly expressed in the minimalist design washbasins from the Cielo collection. Among the company's bestsellers, which develop thanks to the combination of different perceptions, experiences and visions and are praised for both aesthetics and functionality, the Claudio Silvestrin Le Giare collection, awarded with the Good Design Award, deserves attention. The same recognition went to the Karim Rashid Amedeo washbasin, known for its soft lines and available in free-standing and countertop variants.

Ceramica Cielo: from bathroom faucets to furniture In the part of the catalog devoted to the bathroom faucet, we present several solutions for the toilet and bidet , in suspended, floor and even monoblock variants. Characterized by classic and contemporary elegance, the Paolo D'Arrigo Shui line includes, in addition to washbasins and bathroom cabinets, bathroom faucets available in hanging or free-standing BIG versions. The Smile bathroom faucet collection offers practical solutions for small bathrooms thanks to the Smile Mini version, only 48 cm wide, or the monoblock toilet 62 cm. Ceramica Cielo's ability to style elements that are usually only considered for their functionality becomes even more evident with the ball urinal from Design Studio 5.5. These products have been awarded various awards such as the Red Dot Design Award 2014 and are characterized by exceptional workmanship and soft shapes. Ceramica Cielo is not only designer bathroom furniture

, but its offer also includes other stylistic applications. The range of home accessories and decorations includes, among others wall mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Here, too, it is impressive how the proposed solutions can be adapted to different styles. The Arcadia collection, which includes the free-standing Cibele bathtub and the free-standing Tiberino under-washbasin cabinet, extends the offer with a series of practical and functional mirrors with an unforgettable design. For example, the Argo telescopic mirror from Studio APG turns a geometric dimension into a structural and emotional element at the same time. The Polifemo rectangular mirror is equipped with magnifying, tilting and pivoting side mirrors

while the EOS-C mirror by Andrea Pariso and Giuseppe Pezzano has a rectangular shape with rounded edges, reinforced with a wooden profile that supports perimeter lighting LED. This designer duo also signed the Pan wall mirror, modular and with minimalist lines. Illuminated with energy-saving LED diodes, it can be installed in many different ways, alone or in combination with a module at the stand.

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