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Carpyen is a Spanish company regarded as a pioneer in the lighting design industry and has always remained committed to the values ​​of quality, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation since its inception, to the point that it has become a benchmark in the sector over the years. br /> The three founders, Antonio Carpintero, Encarnación Celdrán and Roberto Carpintero, give specific meaning to the name Carpyen: a brand that has grown stronger over the years as each collection is seen as a new challenge to undertake , a new solution to propose and new products, to show that there is still enthusiasm and energy on the first day.
The company is based in Barcelona, ​​was born and grew up here, where it still produces all its products; is the inspiration of a vibrant, original, cosmopolitan city with a turquoise horizon and a thousand nooks and crannies to discover and stories to tell . The brand proudly shows the world that Carpyen "Made in Barcelona" has a strong, infinite and inexhaustible meaning.

Carpyen Easy Light is born In 2018, the direction of Carpyen's production changed, a new Impuls was printed and now new ideas. In 2020, Carpyen launches Carpeyn Easy Light, a collection of lamps with responsible design, at an affordable price, without compromising on the elegance that has made Carpyen an international reference since 1948.
The excellence of craftsmanship and natural material define the new pendant lamp collection. designed and manufactured in a workshop in the heart of Barcelona. The passion of the Carpyen team combined with the technical know-how contributes to uncompromising high-quality and local production. The collection therefore takes into account an approach to the environment: environmental awareness and a reduced carbon footprint. At the heart of Carpyen's vision, for over 70 years, responsible design has been welcoming homes at affordable prices.
Elegant pendant lights consist of timeless design and basic shapes underlined by sophisticated elements of wood or cork. Such materials bring people closer to nature, offering a real sense of well-being, comforting in the days after the crisis. As a shelter, the interior space must be a real cocoon to soothe and soothe. Each light plays with its unique composition, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to make you feel really good at home.

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