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Founded in 1981, Brand Van Egmond is a globally recognized Dutch lighting company specializing in creating exquisite handcrafted lighting designs. Their award-winning signature collections, art pieces, and antique re-editions conjure up emotions worldwide. They are also a design-led and innovation-driven brand. Brand Van Egmond lighting designs are unique and luxurious, embodying the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Their in-house design team of international designers pushes boundaries of exceptional design with technical crafts and innovative production techniques. Their creations are operated by leading-edge electrical components and use the highest quality material. From minimalist to opulent projects, their designs are timeless and crafted to last a lifetime.

The company puts an emphasis on sustainability, ensuring their products and processes meet strict sustainability standards. This consists of implement sustainablepractices like reducing the environmental impact of lighting design and helping customers to save energy and resources.

Brand Van Egmond can also boast of its transparency of production values, such as the knowledge of where and how every single part of each product is made. This knowledge and understanding are passed directly onto clients and partners, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Brand Van Egmond is considered a leader in fine modern lighting products. Their lighting collections are showcased in thousands of luxurious homes, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and projects around the world, including those belonging to prestigious companies like Google, Microsoft and other leading luxury brands.

Brand Van Egmond's forward-thinking designs have set the tone in the industry, being regularly featured in prestigious international publications such as Wallpaper, Architectural Digest and Interior Design Magazine.

In 2021, Brand Van Egmond as part of the Green Building Council, unveiled the “Luxury & Sustainability” standard, a new international certification created to measure the sustainable design of luxury buildings and products. This standard recognizes and encourages sustainable design, production and consumption in the luxury industry.

Today, a combination of exceptional craftsmanship, high-end design and cutting-edge technology continues to drive the brand forward, making it one of the most beloved and awarded lighting companies in the world. Brand Van Egmond lighting can be found in over 50 international showrooms in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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