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Bover is a Spanish brand specializing in the design of interior, exterior and office lighting systems. Founded in 1996 by Joana Bover, the company has grown steadily to become a leader in the lighting industry, offering a sustainable style of timeless charm that remains consistent with the company's philosophy of aesthetic and formal quality in its creations. Linear and simple with a minimalist yet comprehensive design, the design of the Skybell Plus Collection is reduced to elegant and synthetic essentials . Bover products are faithful to the vision of contemporary design with taste and style, creating innovative and classic lighting solutions and constantly evolving forms, without losing the value and distinctive features of the brand. One of the unique features of the Bover is the ability to connect two poles under one identity. On the one hand, they are the local roots of the company in the vicinity of Barcelona, where the creation and development of the collection is developing. On the other hand, there is the ability to create and maintain an entrepreneurial profile open to the global market and worldwide distribution. Bover has an office in Atlanta, Georgia and counts on an extensive distribution network, making the Catalan brand recognizable around the world.

Bover lighting for indoor and outdoor applications Bover lamps combine functionality and aesthetics to meet a wide range indoor and outdoor needs. Bover offers a series of integrated, multiple and cross collections for the indoor lighting sector, combining practicality and charm to enhance any context or style. The brand's extensive range of pendant and ceiling lamps in a variety of materials, colors and formats is ideal for illuminating and personalizing home spaces, shops and offices. The luminaires from the Dome collection, designed by Benedetta Tagliabue, are real luminous sculptures, available in various sizes. Thanks to the hand-made structure of many skillfully intertwined wooden elements, these lamps create unique play of light. Even when turned off, they are furniture that fill and enrich any space.
Valentina is one of the brand's latest interior collections. Available in both hanging and table-top versions, it has a smooth and compact top shell , the interior of which contrasts sharply with the exterior, presenting concentric shapes and reliefs resembling coastal oscillations. The sea and reflected light inspired the Mediterrània lamp, the design of which seems to move like a light ribbon swaying in the wind. Manel Molina studio designed the modular Skybell pendant lamp system. Extruded aluminum profile, which can take various shapes, is attached to the ceiling with height-adjustable cords; includes a series of bell-like lights for an effect that can be customized in endless combinations. Bover lamps for outdoor use have organic shapes inspired by nature. A pebble or sea urchin is a source of inspiration for the Tria and Garot collections. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available in a variety of sizes, the Amphora collection is inspired by the terracotta amphorae once used for food storage. The weave of synthetic fibers used in the lamp body resembles rattan or wicker.

Bover for sale online at Bover lamps for indoor and outdoor use can be purchased at the online store. Over 150 pendant, ceiling, floor, table and wall lamps.

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