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Belta & Frajumar is an established furniture company whose mission is to create quality furniture that is timeless, stylish and unique. The company is based in Madrid, Spain and has been creating exclusive designs since 1966. As a result, it has become known as a renowned supplier of luxury contemporary furniture.

Belta & Frajumar strives to create the perfect combination of beauty, comfort and durability in every piece of furniture they produce. They use high quality real wood from sustainably harvested trees, as well as the highest quality fabrics, upholstery and leathers to provide the customer with the best possible product. The furniture is produced in different regions, and their showrooms offer a range of designs, styles and materials to fit any modern or traditional decor.

Belta & Frajumar is constantly innovating their designs and functionality to meet the demands of the modern world. One of their specialties is the production of furniture that can be easily adapted for different purposes. Whether it's dining room furniture that can be used as an office space or living room sofas that can be used as beds, Belta & Frajumar has solutions to fit any interior.

The company also offers exceptional after-sales services. Belta & Frajumar has a global customer base with contacts and agents available worldwide to ensure that all customers are taken care of. They offer many services, including customization, repairs and a full warranty on all their furniture.

All Belta & Frajumar furniture is designed to last. Using their specialized techniques, each piece from the company is made to look and feel like new the day you buy it, even after years of use. This is made possible through a combination of high-quality materials and finishes and the expert work of the production team.

Belta & Frajumar has created a lasting impression in the global furniture market. Their commitment to detail and excellence have defined who the company is and what it represents. Each piece is created with precision and passion, with the goal of making each customer's home beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

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