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Introduction to Adriani e Rossi

Adriani e Rossi is an Italian business founded in Thiene, a city in the Veneto region. The company was first established in 1946 and since has become one of the leading names in the home furnishing industry. The company specializes in a wide range of products, from wallpaper and wall coverings to furniture and home accessories.

The Adriani e Rossi Catalogo

The Adriani e Rossi Catalogo is one of the most popular collections of items within the company portfolio. This collection presents everything from wallpaper and wall panel to curtains, upholstery fabrics and carpets. It also offers a wide range of furniture items such as sofas, armchairs, beds and bookcases, as well as useful and beautiful items of décor.

Adriani e Rossi Carta da Parati

The Adriani e Rossi Carta da Parati is a stand-out line of textured wallpaper and wall coverings offered by the brand. Unique for its combination of classic and modern styles, the collection offers a variety of classic and modern designs, from floral to graphic prints, that can be used to create stunningly stylish and timeless interiors.

Oggettistica by Adriani e Rossi

Adriani e Rossi specializes also in Oggettistica, which encompasses a wide range of accessories and decorations for the home. This includes lamps, vases and other decorative items, which are all being produced in classic and contemporary pieces, for bringing any home to life with a style that is distinctive and timeless.

Adriani e Rossi Quality Guarantee

Adriani e Rossi provides customers with an extensive range of collections of wallpapers and wall coverings, furniture and décor items, as well as various catalogues, making it one of the premier home furnishing retailers in the country. With their elegant style, timeless designs, and quality guarantee, Adriani e Rossi provides customers with high-end yet affordable solutions for any home.

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