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Ingo Maurer

Without compromise

Ingo Maurer began designing unique lamps, lighting systems and items from the mid-1960s, which his company produces and distributes around the world. Therefore, they can implement their ideas without compromise.

For over four decades of work, Ingo Maurer and Team - as he himself says about his colleagues - has been constantly developing. They are now a group of over sixty people. The address in Munich, Schwabing, has remained the same since 1970. However, in 2005 we outgrown our production facilities in the courtyard at Kaiserstrasse 47 and a new production and shipping location was built on the outskirts of Munich. In the former production hall, Ingo Maurer and his team created a spacious showroom, the second after New York and the only one in Europe.

The design department has steadily evolved from designing exhibitions at trade fairs, festivals and special installations of YaYaHo lighting system. Ingo Maurer takes over lighting and interior lighting planning. In addition to selling their regular products, designs are now an important part of their business. The challenges they pose were often invigorating and inspiring, both through the people involved and the designed spaces. The projects allow Ingo Maurer to implement his ideas for an artistic installation or lighting objects, while providing intriguing and pleasant spaces. for those who will live or work in them.

Emphasis on craftsmanship

Manual production by hand is an integral part of the company's philosophy. People produce in Munich. It goes without saying for us, but visitors are usually amazed. We don't want to deceive anyone: of course, we can't do everything. Many craft-oriented suppliers, many of them from the Munich region, are long-standing partners. We order unusual materials from partners all over the world.


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