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Modern and artistic through the use of design

From the very beginning, Terzani saw aesthetics as a way of interpreting natural and artistic beauty. Born in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the company was forced to follow the creative invocations of the magical city. The word "aesthetics" comes from the Greek "aisthesis", which means feeling, or more precisely, knowledge produced by the senses. When you look at the Terzani project, you can feel its light enchantingly surrounding the surrounding space. It is more than just a practical, utility design, it is an aesthetic that represents modern and artistic beauty through the use of design and innovative technologies.

Open dialogue within the company, including external designers, inspires Terzani's creations. The pieces are born of a company culture that runs parallel and stays true to Terzani's vision. The inspiration may come from a shape existing in nature, as seen in the fish that inspired I Lucci Argentati; or stones / water droplets that inspired Mizu; or a material or method of work that attracts the attention of a creative team. Quality designers cooperating with the company carry out projects with all necessary technical diligence, but the starting point for determining each Terzani luminaire is always feeling.

Craftsmanship traditions

Terzani's unique style requires balancing several features. Terzani is elegant and sophisticated, innovative and original at the same time. Terzani uses the latest technology, but also uses noble materials, traditionally handcrafted by local artisans. Each lamp is an object / sculpture that is to be fully integrated into the surroundings, creating a charming and charming play of light. Thus creating a constant interaction between the lamp and the surrounding space.

The feeling emanating from Terzani is harmony and a sense of community. Its products are rooted in the human process, conveying handcrafted craftsmanship traditions that love to produce items piece by piece. This is the essence of Terzani, perceiving beauty in the contemporary world, tradition and searching for new forms and languages. For all these reasons, the company is growing and expanding its exports to more and more countries.


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