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House of skills

The history and art of traditional glass making can be found under one roof at Crystal Valley. The incredible space of 900 square meters of creative energy and craftsmanship breathes life into one-of-a-kind objects and installations made of the highest quality glass, brilliantly penetrated by light sources. The process is incredibly complex and interdisciplinary, involving many different specializations and teams of experts in specific fields. Therefore, each item produced is touched by many skilled hands and imprinted with Czech heritage, enhancing its surface with authenticity and originality.

Breathing for design

Some designers don't have to look far for inspiration. Spending time in a factory is like traveling back in time and reliving the atmosphere of old craftsmen creating glass chandeliers for royalty and wealthy families centuries ago. A few steps further you will enter a modern laboratory with progressive technologies and innovations that continually challenge what is possible with a variety of fascinating materials. Creative environment, resourceful people and ambitious projects develop dialogues and serve as an endless source of inspiration for those who breathe design.

The future of light

While one might suppose that the knowledge accumulated over the centuries is sufficient for the future of Crystal Valley, it is never sufficient for a truly passionate engineering team. Emotionally motivated to anxiously improve the glass lighting experience, they test new solutions and possibilities that can take this adventure to another level. Bright and innovative ideas often lead to unconventional designs, methods and technologies that go far beyond the predictable and ordinary.


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