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Petite Friture

Bring out the beauty of good

Beauty in Petite Friture is an excuse. A pretext for a meeting: with designers who put their soul and genius into their projects; with the employees who board the entrepreneurship project; with partners who share the same values. It is our promise to create a vivid and narrative encounter around beauty and instill in it a decidedly optimistic and relaxed state of mind so that beauty emerges from good.

Bulk emulsion

At Petite Friture, all they want to create a collective emulsion between complementary talents, guided by a shared vision and requirements, living in line with Petite Friture's values ​​and recognized in its state of mind. Encourage meetings, trust, encourage research, collaborate in a cross-sectional and iterative way. More than a publisher, Petite friture affirms a state of mind.

Generosity and Requirements

The requirement to discover talent and support it, to always push the boundaries of creation: the mirror tables "Francis" created in watercolors by Constance Guisset thanks to the glass laminating technique gave birth to a unique and poetic collection. Generosity echoes at all stages and brings up very important concepts such as pleasure and sharing. It leaves its mark on all projects.


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