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Who would we like to share our houses with?

We start to think with a simple question, giving us and freeing us from any confusion arising from the style, prejudices, ideas and fashion waves on the market. Who, with whom we share our homes, is more than just a piece of furniture, is a companion on our journeys, something that, after entering our homes, stays with us for life, establishing an intimate, personal relationship that reflects our image is beautiful. It is a presence that slowly ages with us, taking on the characteristic glow that only time can produce day after day. Choosing what to share our homes with is a difficult task to strike a balance between mind, ordinary functionality and a heart that plays on our sense of beauty and passion. Such choices must necessarily reflect our personal feelings and evoke the same pleasure every day.

Unique art

Lamps that are very different from each other in terms of design, type and materials used. Sometimes they are separated from each other, can live well together, and freely enter many houses of different styles to become strong elements that break with routine. Lamps are free from the obsession that they have to fit a certain style, deliberately contradicting mannerisms and formalisms. The collection consists of heterogeneous works, visionary heroes of the home scene.


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