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Passion is our only compass.

As an architect and designer, they quickly learned one thing: don't be afraid of the potential of a blank sheet of paper when designing light. Unexpectedly in 2014, they not only designed, but also developed and produced their own ideas, with a two-week deadline after a 6-month journey through Murano's alleys to the Milan exhibition. It was an incredible time. Faced with so many skills, it was like two airborne jugglers driven by passion.

This passion motivates you to zealously create, to tirelessly and persistently research into the right mix of ingredients. The road to reality is not linear, it is more like a quest, like dungeons and dragons, exploring dangerous mixtures of materials, machines and technology, each guided by a master Venetian craftsman.

Natural dreams

An Indian woman with a beautiful Sari came to our exhibition in London and described the moment when she saw G&C lamps for the first time. That's why they love to design for people. "When we wander the streets of London or Venice, and even in the past, there are special moments that have a strong aesthetic impact on us, that we associate with specific lighting conditions and emotional states, for example when walking along the South Bank surrounded by hundreds of huge bubbles soaps. We try to catch them like dreams."


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