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Direction and craftsmanship

Bocci is a design and production company based in Vancouver and Berlin. Founded in 2005 under the creative direction of Omer Arbel, Bocci is committed to nurturing a lateral and open relationship between creative direction and craftsmanship.

The company launched one lighting design "14" which immediately became a classic and remained a staple of the design and a bestseller. Bocci's growing range of sculptural lighting is developed, constructed and manufactured in-house using a calibrated infrastructure to ensure complete control over technique, quality and scale.

In 2015, Bocci transformed a historic Berlin building into a showroom and archive. The "Bocci 79" was inhabited by the former 2200m² / 23,600 sq ft courthouse, built in 1896 and exhibited over a decade of work by Omer Arbel, ranging from work in progress, prototypes and ideas, to the full range of catalog parts developed by Bocci.


Based between Vancouver and Berlin, Omer Arbel cultivates a fluent position between the fields of architecture, sculpture, invention and design. The main topics of his work include the inherent mechanical, physical and chemical properties of materials and the study of light as a medium.


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