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Wall lamp made of polyester Nanno

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Inspired by Milan Iluminación Loom (not replica Milan Iluminación Loom)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

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Product description

Loom is a wall lamp. This frame creates a halo of light that emerges from the transparent tape, creating a play of chiaroscuro. There are three sizes of hand-glued wall lamps available in this series, allowing you to create many different compositions as they can be combined on the same surface to provide both light and art. The repetition of the equilateral weave pattern brings peace and quiet to the atmosphere.
Transparent decorative lampshade using a hand-made tinning system, made of UV-resistant polyscreen, on a pressed wood ring finished in mink lacquer (NCS S 2005-Y10R). Internal screen made of translucent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Rear wall mounting base in embossed wood finished with mink lacquer (NCS S2005-Y10R).
Light source:
Cod. 6958: Loom 45 W - 1 x LED STRIP 16W | 1900 lumens | 2,700 thousand | CRI 90
Code. 6959: Loom 60 W - 1 x LED STRIP 22W | 2600 lumens | 2,700 thousand | CRI 90
Code. 6960: Loom 80 W - 1 x LED STRIP 29W | 3500 lumens | 2,700 thousand | CRI 90


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Wall lamp made of polyester Nanno

Wall lamp made of polyester Nanno

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