Inspired by Ceramiche Piemme

Ceramiche Piemme was founded in Maranello (MO) in 1962 and specializes in the production of Made in Italy ceramic floor and wall tiles based in Fiorano Modenese (Mo).

Following previous design collections created in collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier and Pierre Charpin, Ceramiche Piemme has established an important partnership with the renowned London-based Benoy studio. A partnership with a large international player which, with the opening of the London branch of Piemme 40, underlines the international character of the Fiorano Modenese brand, known for quality and innovation in the ceramics industry.

The wide range of products includes collections for interior design, but also for outdoor use and large, heavily frequented public spaces. Along with 2019, the company expanded its offer with the "Ceramiche Piemme Contract": a section devoted to the ceramic collection, which is to help the designer in selecting finishes for public and private spaces.


To drastically reduce the consumption of natural resources and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, Ceramiche Piemme has invested in modernizing its production facilities, with particular emphasis on recovering heat from furnaces in favor of sprayers and dryers.

The recovered heat is also used for heating production departments, with a further reduction of CO2 emissions by over 4,200 tons per year. Establish precise design and construction criteria for healthy and energy-efficient buildings. It also determines the market value for "green buildings", stimulates competition between companies in terms of the environmental performance of buildings and promotes conscious consumer behavior among end users of the "CONAI Competition for Prevention - Developing the Environmental Sustainability of Packaging" (2017 Prevention Competition Regulation), which 2015-2016 distinguished the most innovative and ecological packaging solutions on the market.

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