Inspired by ICF

The company was founded in Italy in the 1950s and has been known from the beginning for passion and research: we belong to a group of companies that at that time played a key role in creating and consolidating the concept of Italian design.

Gama products has always been decisively innovative: we were the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) or wall and panel systems for open spaces (Brick System, 1970, 1982/3). The trend towards product innovation has shaped our past and continues into the present.

We believe that design and research are company values and not purely formal facts. We believe that creativity can be achieved through constant work on every detail and solving technical and production problems.

Only in this way can an idea be transformed into something tangible, an object that facilitates our daily activities.

We are used to using very different materials for our production: cast and extruded aluminum, wood and laminate, leather, textiles and upholstery. Over the years, we have gained good experience in managing the production chain. We create elements that must fulfill their function without deteriorating, because high quality guarantees total customer satisfaction and allows the company to regularly continue projects, from production departments to packaging and delivery. This is an important concept for our company, as we are convinced that the only way to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product is to carefully monitor each step of the supplier, who guarantee high technical and production competences are established in this field. We entrust them with the production of our components, which we then assemble in our factory. This method gives us total control over the quality of our products.

This production process guarantees a high degree of flexibility and a unique ability to adapt to customer and market requirements. Thanks to this new concept, we can offer a high-quality solution for every production need.

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