Inspired by Ombrellificio Poggesi

Functionality and elegance entirely Made in Florence - Poggesi is based in the heart of Tuscany, the home of art, style and fashion, and was inspired by the nearby city of Florence, a world symbol of elegance and sophistication. The result is a completely artisan production, completely Made in Italy, more Made in Florence. Over the past few decades, exterior design has acquired the same importance previously attached to interior decoration. Gardens and terraces are increasingly seen as real extensions of a living space, actually indoor spaces, but outdoors: an umbrella becomes a real piece of furniture that has to fit into the surrounding space with discretion and elegance. As a result, the interest of architects and designers in this area has increased, as has the companies' attention to style and aesthetics, not just durability and functionality. The headquarters in Figline Valdarno. All umbrellas are handmade by Florentine masters of craftsmanship with the utmost attention to detail, quality of raw materials and aesthetics. The theme of the company is simple: to combine contemporary style with traditional forms and to build a pleasant but functional umbrella that will stand the test of time in architecture, our umbrellas have one more important feature: multidirectional, easy to open and protected by a locking system, which holds any desired position. The peculiar Poggesi bracket, located inside the roof, offers a unique combination of maneuverability and aesthetics. In addition, all products are available in a wide variety of fabrics, with a variety of bases, structures and finishes to suit all tastes and needs. Durability and high resistance to corrosion are guaranteed by the combination of the craftsmanship of our master craftsman and the use of high-quality raw materials for the construction: stainless steel and aluminum (painted with polyester thermosetting powder coatings to increase corrosion resistance), and the fabric completely covered with cotton thread is sewn to ensure the highest waterproof level. The basic features that make any Poggesi umbrella a rare synthesis of design, functionality and solidity. In addition, all products are available in a wide range of fabrics, finishes and accessories (including LED) to meet all tastes and needs for maximum personalization.

Innovation and creating high-quality products without forgetting tradition are just two of the principles Poggesi follows in creating new projects. Careful observation of the evolution of the reference market and passion for new technologies prompted the company to invest in research into innovative designs that are able to meet space and load requirements that cannot be guaranteed by a central mast umbrella. In fact, Poggesi has designed and patented a unique cantilever umbrella whose cantilever arm is inside the roof, allowing the structure to be rotated 360 °, offering a unique combination of manageability and aesthetics. Finally, the structure is equipped with a telescopic system that allows the user not to remove the furniture placed under the roof during the opening and closing phase.

Innovative opening and closing systems, highly resistant raw materials and craftsmanship combine to create a product that is able to combine elegant, original and discreet design with functionality and an easy-to-use system. Unique features that have always driven the work and development of the company, perfectly meeting all functional and aesthetic needs, and today among the world leaders in sun protection systems.

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