Inspired by Almut Von Wildheim

Natural materials, precisely processed into high-quality designer lamps. This is ALMUT von Wildheim. In nature, no mountain is like any other. Each of them is unique in its form and character. ALMUT is shaped by this thinking.

Inspired by the mountains. The homeland of ALMUT is Tyrol, thanks to which we feel connected with the mountains. They are a source of inspiration for the design of Almut lamps. She builds lamps that bring nature into her own four walls.

Make it easy. Reduced to essential. With clear lines. And yet a roommate who creates coziness.
ALMUT design is always simple and straightforward. Nevertheless, natural materials create a warm, living atmosphere. The material from which all designer luminaires are made consists of natural materials. ALMUT uses local wood species, stone veneer, pressed hay and flowers from mountain meadows, versatile cork fibers and fine pineapple fibers.

Real craftsmanship. It takes time to transform natural materials into ALMUT. Many steps are manual work: only in this way can the basic properties be preserved. And it's the only way to guarantee precise processing to strict quality standards.

Customizable. For hoteliers, architects and everyone who wants to implement their own design, we offer the possibility of even greater customization of our lampshades. Together, we will adapt the lamps to the general concept, create an ALMUT ideally suited to your plan and create a design object, unique in terms of color, shape and material. Our luminaires also meet the technical requirements for various operating systems. Details and requirements are best discussed in person.

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