Inspired by Opera Contemporary

Opera is a brand of Angelo Cappellin, a company rooted in one of the most important and qualified industrial areas in northern Italy: Brianza. Headquartered in Cabiate, deep in the heart of Brianza, Angelo Cappellini thrives and thrives in an environment where individual professional skills - combined with the company's fresh and swift approach to trade and logistics - have increased our ability to be successful anywhere in the world . Highly appreciated for elegance and quality, our collections represent status and exclusivity, both in private residences and in large halls of embassies, villas and luxury hotels. Our latest, acclaimed projects have gained critical acclaim in the international press, pushing research development even further ... Beyond mere style.

In addition to his well-established entrepreneurial talent, another strength of Angelo Cappellini is the tight control he has managed to achieve. to master the entire production process of each product, mainly thanks to a highly qualified team. The selection of materials used and the quality control of many decorative elements and finishes are still carried out as in the old days: in accordance with the highest standards of quality and experience. Located in the new headquarters of the company, the production plant houses the most modern high-tech machines as well as the experience and technical knowledge of masters of craftsmanship, so that each product produced is unique, exclusive and tailored on request. The new showroom is a place where you can admire and reinterpret our product range through a wide combination of fabrics, finishes, marble types ... Development of your projects and supply contracts. Our team's skills, ranging from custom technical design to uninhibited creativity, provide comprehensive services and solutions. Our team carefully monitors the entire production process, from project planning to implementation, adhering to quality standards high enough to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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