Inspired by THPG

THPG - Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft is a German company dedicated to providing everyday objects of the highest functional quality and meeting the requirements for excellent products such as indoor and outdoor lighting , porcelain, Bakelite®, Duroplast and glass switch systems , but also fittings, sinks and bathroom accessories.

Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Manufactum with the aim of developing high-quality solutions for the parent group. Ten years later, Manufactum founder Thomas Hoof and Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft split from the group. The Thomas Hoof Group was founded, which has since then brought together companies from the construction, forestry and agricultural industries and several editorial offices.

Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft continues to develop and distribute high-quality products for the domestic market, including bath accessories with light switches. The entire product catalog is available through installers and specialist dealers and in the company's own store and is still offered in the Manufactum product range.

THPG operates in a network of designers, builders and various material processing specialists. She has also forged close ties with manufacturers whose skills continue to focus on processing less common materials and who employ traditional production methods play an important role.

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