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The Bomma Soap lighting collection includes luxurious hand-blown glass fixtures consisting of delicate, open forms with a curved, highly organic look. These works of art exude a timeless elegance, filling a space with light and a contemporary aesthetic. Each piece is crafted using traditional Czech glassmaking techniques and has a unique shape, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product that adds a dramatic flare to any interior.

The collection includes a wide selection of models, including pendant lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and more. Bomma Soap's lighting pieces are available in cheerful, bold colors such as gold, coral, eucalyptus and copper, alongside classic white, black, bronze and silver finishes. Each of these options beautifully refracts and diffuses light, creating a unique play of brightness and shadow.

In terms of technical specifications, Bomma Soap lighting offers dozens of high-efficiency, energy-saving LED bulbs, as well as a variety of sizes, shapes, suspensions and mounting levels. This handcrafted assortment provides the perfect lighting to adapt to any residential or commercial space, eliminating glare and providing the perfect balance of task and ambient light.

Bomma Soap lighting is designed with durability in mind, featuring sturdy construction and superior materials. These timeless pieces are made of lead-free crystal and Pyrex glass, which are reinforced with stainless steel wires and finished with a polished patina. These pieces provide reliable, performance-based lighting that is ideal for any modern space.

The entire Bomma Soap lighting collection was designed with thought and craftsmanship. This product combines beauty and utility, creating the perfect balance between form and function. These exquisite pieces offer illuminated beauty that is sure to enhance any interior design project.

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