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A magical blend of technology, inventions and industrial techniques

Qeeboo is an Italian brand that produces furniture and accessories created and launched in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. Its products are emotional and narrative, clearly not bourgeois, but suitable for everyone; once created, we interpret them so that they take on new life. Qeeboo revives and reinterprets the icons of our imaginations in a fantastic way and gives them an unexpected original image, presenting a collection of smart, iconic and surprising products. Remarkable objects created under the careful direction of Stefano Giovannoni in collaboration with the most eclectic international designers, combining different styles and characters in a fun narrative. A magical blend of technology, inventions and industrial techniques, creating a catalog of emotional objects: Mexico, Killer or Capitol, they can be used in person as a seat, table, lamp or as a vase, pot or champagne cooler, so that everyone can freely interpret and use them.


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