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Great idea

The origins of Flos (Latin for "flower") were born of a genius idea: to create objects, starting with a light bulb, that would change the way of life in both the Italian and foreign markets.

He will become Flos

How to transform industry into a laboratory to revolutionize the concept of the "lamp"? For Sergio Gandini, who began managing Flos in 1963, the company's ventures and creative fantasy could coexist without contradicting; combining the two would bring the brand a success.

Moving to the industrial area of ​​Brescia has created a favorable environment for designers, resulting in products such as the Bauhaus-inspired Jucker lamp by Tobia Scarpa or the revolutionary Arco of the Castiglioni brothers. Flos' strategies were based on what we would now call the Think Tank, making the company a long-time pioneer of Italian design.

Gandini along with their exclusive designers (the Castiglioni brothers and the Scarpa duo) defined Flos' products, communication strategy and image. Together, they traced the lines of their desires, the lines of their desires that led to the most iconic lamps in the history of lighting.


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