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The sofa is the absolute protagonist of the living area as the central element around which our home life revolves. If we are tired, the couch is a suitable place to relax and rest. If we want to read a book or watch a movie with friends, a comfortable and pleasant upholstered sofa is the perfect solution for our moments of relaxation. The sofa has become an indispensable addition to our homes because it symbolizes a place where every family combines moments of intimacy, carefree and rest. Available in an infinite number of combinations of materials, configurations and colors, the sofa significantly determines the style of the environment in which it will be placed.

How to choose the right sofa for your living room?

Buying a sofa is a very important choice for both new homes and an old apartment refurbishment project. Equipping a living room with a modern sofa is essential because it enriches the space with a play of volume, shapes and materials. Considering the variety of styles, covers and combinations, it is not easy to understand which sofa will suit your needs. The first aspect to consider is the space available and the number of people living in the home. Too large a sofa can make it difficult to walk and move around the room; on the other hand, a small sofa can be uncomfortable or even useless if you often have many guests in your home. If your living room is limited in space, a 2-seater sofa may be the right choice for you. Its small size allows you not to give up a small relaxation area in the living room. For small rooms, it is also advisable to use sofas with storage compartments or with attached tables to store magazines, vases or other decorative items. If you have medium-sized rooms available, you can opt for a classic three-seater sofa that can be positioned against a wall or in the center of the room, acting almost as a partition between the living room and dining area. Two or three seater sofas, which are not oversized, can be easily placed in other positions if you want to rethink the look of the room, and can even be moved to another environment. In turn, the sofa with a chaise longue is located right in front of the wall equipped with a TV, as it allows you to completely lie down and also take a nap. For very large or open spaces, you can choose a modular sofa consisting of different modules that can be combined with each other in hundreds of different configurations. Sectional sofas are also suitable if there are many people in the house as they are a real social space where you can chat or share carefree moments. The modular sofa can also be placed in the center of the room, almost as if it emphasizes its role as the main element in the room. The most sought-after of the modular models is the corner, which can be easily positioned against two walls of the room, creating a real corner to relax or divide two parts of the same rooms with various functions.

The sofa: a versatile and multifunctional element

The main function of the sofa is to facilitate conversation. The sofas are actually the perfect place to chat with your guests. They are often accompanied by tables, also attached to the structure of the sofa itself, on which you can comfortably drink a coffee or a glass of wine. If you prefer to watch TV while lying down comfortably, be sure to place the sofa at a sufficient distance to avoid eye strain. The sofa is also suitable for reading a good book: it is often accompanied by a floor lamp that can provide adequate lighting. When you are very tired, the fold-out sofa acts as a real bed: you lie down for a few minutes to recover and end up completely falling asleep. Therefore, if there are frequent guests in the house, the option of adding additional beds on the sofa is necessary in a few steps.

The comfort of the sofa

When we go to the store or the showroom, the first thing we do is try the sofa on before we buy it. Comfort is therefore another important element when choosing upholstered furniture in parallel with their design. A comfortable sofa must ensure correct posture for the seated person. It is recommended that the height of the seat is such that the feet can rest on the floor. The armrests should also not be too low, as there is a risk of increasing the tension in the neck. The entire spine must rest on the support due to discomfort caused by incorrect posture. Sofas with headrests can help relax your muscles if they are properly adjusted. High back sofas are perfect for living rooms, open plan spaces and offices as they also provide adequate privacy. Don't underestimate the importance of the upholstery of the sofa, which should not be too soft but not too stiff. The seat cushions must be stiffer than the back cushions because they must support the weight of the person seated on them without causing them to collapse. The back cushions can be softer. The most commonly used lining materials are polyurethane foam, often covered with synthetic wadding, which allows for more rounded shapes, or feathers, and among the new, shape memory foam.

What is the right upholstery for your sofa?

As with all other home furniture and items, you should carefully evaluate the type and style of sofa that will be placed in your living room. In fact, it is very important to choose the type of cover and the colors that best suit the environment in which the sofa is to be inserted. Leather sofas retain a timeless charm and are available in shades ranging from lighter to darker. One of the trends of recent years that has brought the vintage style to the fore has made worn leather sofas a must-have for lovers of the genre. Leather upholstery is not only valuable, but also very durable, but requires special care so that it does not get damaged. Alternatively, you can opt for a sofa made of leatherette, a synthetic fabric that looks very similar to genuine leather: imitation leather is certainly cheaper, but also less resistant. With fabric sofas, you can unleash your imagination and inspiration by playing with patterns, textures and materials. Endless combinations of materials and colors allow you to create thousands of solutions for your living room, combining them and creating contrasts. Fabric is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cheap sofa. In addition, this type of cover is easy to wash: sofas with removable covers are therefore the best solution if you have small children at home or frequent guests

Creativity has no limits with a fabric sofa

Fabric sofas deserve attention, because we have many choices before our eyes. The couch can be upholstered in natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen or synthetic fabrics such as polyester and microfiber. You can also use waterproof and weatherproof fabrics, making the sofa suitable for outdoor use. Velvet sofas give the surroundings elegance and sophistication, as well as a pleasant feeling of softness to the touch. After defining the type of fabric, you need to define the color palette of our sofa. One-color sofas can be easily adapted to any type of environment. A light and neutral color will brighten up your surroundings, while a darker color will make you perceive your surroundings smaller than you are. If we combine light and dark fabrics, we can decide to create pleasant combinations or contrasts of the effect with the colors of the walls, floor and armchairs. If we prefer a coating in bright colors, we must be careful to skillfully combine all the other elements of the living room so as not to create unpleasant effects or excessive contrasts. Designer sofas proposed in recent years focus on a mix of fabrics with various patterns: flowers, stripes, geometric patterns, multicolored, optical, camouflage, polka dots, tweed and many others. It is the modular sofas that are best suited for combining graphic patterns with monochrome upholstery, but not only. Nothing prevents us from mixing leather-covered modules with fabric modules, solid-color modules with patterned modules, pattern-type modules with others with different patterns, and so on. You can really let your imagination run wild with fabric sofas!

Timeless elegance of sofas in a classic style

Classic sofas are a perfect synthesis of refinement and timeless elegance. They are located next to traditional wooden or vintage furniture, or in residential areas that are not strictly modern. They are characterized by enveloping shapes, generous upholstery and jacquard, damask or brocade fabrics, the effect of tailoring, real jewels of handcrafted and sewn furniture. However, the latest trends in the industry have led to the idea of combining classic with modernity. The result is a classic sofa with a new twist: just think of capitonné sofas that strip off important covers and traditional quilting in favor of brighter volumes and more modern colors, becoming true evergreen in our homes.


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